How to find a sugar daddy or sugar baby in Instagram (step by step)

When you decide to find a wealthy UK sugar daddy or attractive sugar baby on a social platfrom, then Instagram/IG  is that option for you to achive your goal.

Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform, one of the most popular social platform which host 1 billion users at least in 2017. For you who are seeking sugar daddies or sugar babies, It is a big advantage with such a big database.

How to find your dream sugar daddy or sugar baby on Istagram? This is not a challenging task. Now it is the time to discuss how to use the IG properly for seek a sugar daddy or sugar baby on your terms.

1, Creat a sugar dating account

At first, you need an IG account. This is simple. Go for Istagram offcial website to finish. Here some suggestions for you. Get a username that shows who you are and what you are looking . If someone have a see at your username and then know you are a sugar daddy or sugar baby, that would be better. A better username may help the people to know you better. Someone like you may find you easier. After all, sugar daddy dating is a controversial topic.

2 Finsh your sugar daddy or sugar baby profile on IG

Prepare a high quality photo as your Instagram avatar . Then, give the information who are you and who are you looking for. Since IG limits the word counting, you need pay attention to what /how to write for your profile. Another thing , remember verify your email since once you are reported by other users, your sugar baby profile will be banned. Otherwise, you would lose your account.

3 Prepare some high quality photos

After your account settings, you need prepare some travel photsos or other photos which are very high quality. You know, a pretty look always catch people’s attention. As a sugar baby, it is better to upload BIKINI photos on the seaside. Also you could upload some travel photos showing how lovey you are . As a sugar daddy, just upload some fitness photos or shpping photos, whatever. Upload photos showing how pretty or rich is the key point. You must give some suggestion that you are enough attractive or wealthy, and nobody wanna miss out.

4 Writte some caption for your post

Well, thnk of something that make you wanna do something. For instance, if you are a sugar baby, you wanna have a post about your traval, you may add that i love to travel, here any one go with me to Europe as my sugar dadddy? Or what a fantastic journy, any go with me as a sugar baby nexy time, if you are a sugar daddy.

5 Add some hashtags for sugar dating hunters

100% right that only your follower will know what you had posted if you posted with no any hashtags. Adding some sugardaddy hashtags is the key point that let other know you, approach you. Those who are having an engament is your real target in some way.

6 Set the location

Befor you click post buttom, set the location may help you find the sugar daddy or sugar baby near you. The others will know where are you and decide if the arrangement happen. Anywy, no one want set a relationship just in the internet.

7 Post on IG

Well , you finish all above. Some one would like your post and them be your fans or give you a short message via IG. Congratulations, you have the chance to be a sugar baby or sugar daddy. Just exchange your contact like Facebook, Twitter or Whatsup. Communication will be better after.

8 Wait, Wait, then Wait

After you have otherside’s contact, do not meet her (sugar baby) or him (sugar daddy) in real life imediately since you do not know if she or he is a scam. What you have to do is know her or him better via video call or message . If you are sure that she or she is the one you are looking for, you could meet her or him then. (challenging to know if he/she is a scammer when online dating) You need find the right place to meet your sugar daddy at the first date.

9 set up allowance

When meet your sugar daddy on the first date, what you should do imediately is set up your allowance and boundries, insted of go shopping or have sex with your sugar daddy.

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#10 Benefit from it

Here, in this momment, You could get the benefits to be a sugar baby. Upgrade your condition.

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